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The Real Israelites

I'm here to help bring out the truth that the negros, latinos, and native americans are the true Israelites. Double honors to the Apostles of Greatmillstone. Infinite honors to Yahawah ba hasham Yahawashi.

Month: May 2016

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  • Shadowrun 5e – Guide for GMs

Shadowrun 5e – Guide for GMs

Shadowrun is oddly enough an easier game to run when you don’t have a balanced party. In fact, the complexity

Elders Of GMS Break Down The Mark! Ezekiel 2:5

GMSUKTruth, GMSFAQ, GMSOrigins, GMSLondonCentral

The Crucifixion of Yahawashi a Medical look MUST SEE! Isaiah 53

GMSUKTruth, GMSFAQ, GMSOrigins, GMSLondonCentral

Tools For The Push: Reuters App

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thomsonreuters.reuters&hl=en_GB iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/reuters/id602660809?mt=8 GMSUKTruth, GMSFAQ, GMSOrigins, GMSLondonCentral

Why DNA Ancestry Has To Be A Pseudo Science

GMSUKTruth, GMSFAQ, GMSOrigins, GMSLondonCentral

Apostles Of GMS Part 1. The Mark Of The Beast Is The Chip 05-28-2016

Lesson based upon the book “The Mark Of The Beast Is The Chip ” by Megas Mulos.

LAAH (NOT) THATHACHAARA (FRET THYSELF) Matt 13:20-21, Matt 5:10, 2 Edr 16:75, Psal 37:1

Scriptures on persecution and to not fret thyself because of it.

Response to the iuic purple reign

Philosophy and vain deceit continued

Philosophy and vain deceit