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The Real Israelites

I'm here to help bring out the truth that the negros, latinos, and native americans are the true Israelites. Double honors to the Apostles of Greatmillstone. Infinite honors to Yahawah ba hasham Yahawashi.

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  • Wine Mixed with Myrrh – Quina Aragon (spoken word)

Wine Mixed with Myrrh – Quina Aragon (spoken word)

Why did Christ refuse to drink the wine & myrrh offered Him at the cross? Here is my reflection. #WxM


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Ask Gail: Correct Volumes for Espresso Shots?

A single. A double. And a triple ristretto? What are all the correct volumes and how long should you be

Learn from the Best! Magnus Carlsen by GMs Gustaffson & Jussupov

DVD: https://www.iChess.net/shop/magnus-carlsen/ β™• 10 GM SECRETS: http://www.iChess.net/10gmsecrets/ β™• MORE: http://www.

Yahawashi suffered…so why can't you?

Electronic Basics #11: Sending SMS with Arduino || TC 35 GSM Module

Previous video:https://youtu.be/4jc93BTGSmc Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greatscottlab Twitter: https://twitter.com/GreatScottLab More information …

Caught On Tape: Teen Drivers Moments Before a Crash | Nightline |ABC News

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study shows distracted teens behind the wheel and the many factors that can cause accidents.


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